Monday, 7 February 2011

where has January gone? And, Hooray for Seville Oranges

anyone following my usual flurry of recipes and comments will  wonder at my silence.

I have been reorganising my Mother-in-law's house so that she can live downstairs following an accident.  If I tell you that she is the sort of person that has lots of hobbies despite being in her late eighties, only gave up driving 'the old folk' to their appointments in December for the local volunteer centre, and could host a formal dinner party for twenty with the correct cutlery for each course (what are all those individual types of spoons for? Pickle forks! Silver sugar tongs!) you can see that simplifying her house has taken a lot of effort.  About a hundred hours of effort so far and it is just as well she won't be able to get upstairs to see how impossible it would be to get into her bedrooms.

Add to that the fact that I have been getting glutened even though I have not eaten anything while at her house. Brain fog, disrupted and prolonged sleep, a gungy chest, colic....and today Tolerant Taster asked if I had hit my eye as I have a dark ring around the left eye as well as a general smudgy blue in the reappeared bags.  Haven't yet got my cold hands back - they would have been handy today as I was making chocolate truffles and Seville orange ice cream sandwiches.

The Slow Food Society locally is hosting a Seville Orange session this evening, so yesterday I gave myself the day off cleaning and sorting and played with these seasonal bitter oranges.  A chocolate, chili and orange cake (not as good as I would have liked, no time to repeat), Seville orange ice cream (yum) sandwiched in mini almond and orange cookies, white chocolate and Seville truffles enrobed (that is coated to you and me) in milk chocolate as I ran out of the white, orange fudge (pity I went to check how long to stir it for when it reached120F just as it set) a chili, garlic and Seville orange sauce I will try with grilled chicken - aiming at a barbecue style finish, a coffee and orange caramel.....I'll write up the ones that get good review later.  I had forgotten how the washing up mounts up when a serious cooking session is in progress.

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  1. I didn't know about Seville oranges. I've just done a search on the internet and found out they are not commonly available in New Zealand but there are some smaller growers here that do have them. Can't wait to see the recipes of the ones that get good reviews.


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