Monday, 7 November 2011

Nature's Path gluten and wheat free Maple Sunrise and O's

I was sitting at moping one day as I had a nasty sinus infection, added to which the builders working on the house were using a paint which made my eyes feel as if they were being nibbled with mice.  A package arrived - I had been sent a couple of packs of gluten free cereals to try.  As I hadn't been able to get out shopping for a while I was very pleased.

I eat my cereal with apple sauce - I have several apple trees so that is always available.  Because of this I cannot tell you how they taste with milk.

The O's are firm and crisp and not too sweet.  I had a box with 325g, and it went quite fast as I ate small portions whenever I felt like a snack.  I would certainly buy these again if I saw them in the shop.  Gf cereals are often too sweet or salty, and I thought these had a very good balance.

The Maple Sunrise is very different.  It is made a variety of whole grains, including amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat.  The cereal comes as lots of different shapes as some of the grains/seeds are whole.  I found this cereal too sweet for me, but I tend to like things without half the sugar other people like.    I did find I grabbed a handful to sprinkle on top of fruit or just to eat plain.   It has a pronounced maple flavour, and I think it would be good sprinkled on top of vanilla ice-cream as a crunchy topping if you can eat ice-cream.

I had intended to try both of these as ingredients in recipes.  I think, for example, that the O's would be good for making a rocky road type of cake - usually made with broken biscuits.  The firm crunch would be good surrounded with chocolate.  However, I ate them all before I got around to this.

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