Monday, 22 August 2011

Supermarket strategies - only losers

I routinely find that my local supermarket shelves high gluten bread flour next to the gluten free flour in the free-from section.

This is a foolish strategy.  Those of us who need to avoid any traces of gluten are not going to buy a paper bag of flour that has been sitting next to another paper bag of flour full of gluten - these flour bags always seem to be slightly leaky.  It also seems very unlikely that someone setting out to make a traditional loaf of wheat bread would think to look in this section for their hard wheat flour.

Whenever I spot things like this I speak to the staff.  They always say they cannot do anything about it as the shelving details are set by Head Office.  I have now written to this supermarket about this - it will be interesting to see how they reply.


  1. Just wondering which supermarket this is. Is it a big chain? I've seen GF loaves in the ordinary section in Waitrose and they it's historical and can't change it. Both seem pretty daft to me. Looking forward to hearing their reply.

  2. Please keep us informed.


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