Friday, 8 June 2012

Buckwheat and urid lentil flatbread

A very quick and easy flatbread that is soft and flexible even when it cools.  I added whole cumin seed to these when I was rolling them out  to give extra flavour, and served with a variety of curries.

Makes four small flatbreads - sufficient for two people

50g urid lentil flour
50g buckwheat
water to make a firm but pliable dough.

Add water gradually until you get a dough that holds together.
Knead briefly and wrap in cling film until ready to use.
Roll out using plenty of flour to stop sticking and tearing.
Cook on both sides in a hot-medium dry pan until you get small brownish patches.  You will probably get some puffing as they top and bottom separate, though probably not enough to use them as filled 'pockets'.

Wrap in a towel until ready to eat to keep them warm.

(You can see a small crack on the rolled flatbread in the picture with the curry.  I rolled and re-rolled this flatbread to see how pliable this was, and the this was the only cracking.)

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