Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blackberry cobbler

I had some frozen blackberries in the freezer, and needed a cobbler to photograph for the new cookery book.  Here is a very easy cobbler recipe.

I based the recipe on using one whole egg.  This made enough batter for two oval dishes 23cmx15cm, each enough for four portions.  I sometimes freeze a whole dish once cooked, but this time I froze half the dough as dollops on a non-stick sheet.  I'll blog how well these work cooked direct from frozen later.

175g flour (40%urid, 40% tapioca, 20 cornmeal)
4 tsp baking powder
75g butter or other fat suitable for baking
75g sugar
1 egg
75ml rice or other milk (add extra if dough too stiff)
15g flaked almonds (optional)

I used the food processor bowl to weigh and mix this dough but you can easily do it by hand, especially if you use a soft margarine.

Mix dry ingredients thoroughly.
Cut in butter until finely dispersed
Mix egg and milk together and stir into flour mixture

Place in dollops on top of the fruit.  Use whatever type of fruit you like and have handy.  You can easily adjust the ratio of fruit to topping to suit your own preferences.  There should be gaps between the dollops so that some of the fruit shows through when the pudding is cooked.

Sprinkle with flaked almonds if using.

Cook in a pre-heated over, 180C for 35minutes.

Test for doneness as you would any other cake - if a knife inserted into the cobbler comes out without uncooked dough sticking to it the pudding is done.  If you find it needs longer turn the temperature down to allow the mixture to cook without burning the top. If I use a lot of frozen fruit I find it can take an extra ten minutes for the cobbler to cook where it touches the fruit.

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