Sunday, 10 July 2011

Blackcurrant Frangipan

blackcurrant frangipan tart

Just picked the last of the blackcurrants - so with 100g of these fruit needed a recipe to use them up. Blackcurrants by themselves have a very strong flavour, so a filling that combined the fruit with a bulky mild flavour seemed appropriate.

I had two chocolate tart cases left over from the raspberry creme tarts, which I had frozen.   If you don't have any frozen pastry cases just make some tart shells, bake for ten minutes then continue.

These tarts have a very complex and interesting flavour.  The chocolate pastry is crisp and sweet, the filling succulent, and the berries a bright burst of flavour.  Chocolate, almond and blackcurrant is a great combination.

frozen tart shell

For two 12cm tart cases:

50g butter, soft
70g caster sugar
100g ground almond
1 egg

100g blackcurrants

Beat sugar and butter together until light.  Add egg and mix well, add ground almond and mix.  Spoon this frangipan mixture into the tart cases (pre-cooked) and sprinkle blackcurrants on top.

Cook at 160C for 35 minutes until filling doesn't wobble when you move the tart.  Leave to cool.

before cooking

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