Monday, 23 May 2011

Mini Cherry Tarts and left-over pastry.

Two weeks ago I made pies and tarts for a gathering of my friends.  One portion of pastry has sat at the back of the fridge since then, forgotten.  I wondered what the pastry would be like so long after having made it.

I made  lots of mini cherry tarts, just pressing a pastry circle into a mini-muffin tin and filling with cooked morello cherries. Ten minutes at 180C and jewel bright little tarts popped out crisp and golden.

I think a week is a more reasonable time to keep this gluten free pastry (one part butter to two parts flour, flour 40% urid lentil, 40% tapioca and 20% cornmeal).  I had to wait for it to warm up, as this pastry is too stiff to roll when chilled.  It is worth knowing that this pastry keeps well in the uncooked state, which makes it possible to make in advance for a busy time.

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