Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sweet potato doughnuts - gluten free

sweet potato doughnut

While I was looking up doughnuts I came across several recipes where sweet potato was a major ingredients.  I tried two types this one where the sweet potato is the main ingredient and the flour acts as a binder, and another one where the flour is the main ingredient.  I was surprised by how light and fluffy they were, and would consider using them again - even perhaps as an accompaniment to a savoury course.


Heat oil to 140C

·      Plain sweet potato doughnuts
·      200 sweet potato
·      60g flour
·      ½ tsp bp

Cook sweet potatoes, peel and mash.   I just washed and microwaved these, then the peel comes off easily while they are warm.    
Mix flour and baking powder together
Mix sweet potato with flour
Shape into rings or other shapes
Fry until golden

The interior will be wetter than ordinary doughnuts due to high proportion of sweet potato.

These taste a lot like sweet potato. They might make an amusing accompaniment to a main meal or be a way of having a sweet fried treat if you can't eat processed sugar / need lower GI diet.

If you want these to be sweeter, glaze or ice, or dip into a sweet sauce.

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