Thursday, 26 May 2011

Southern-style deep fried chicken - gluten free

Deep fried chicken -  based on southern-style deep fried chicken recipe by Nigella Lawson

If you can't / don't eat egg, use tapioca gel as a way of getting the coating to stick.  Make this by taking 10g tapioca flour, 100ml water, stir together while cold, then heat stirring constantly.  I find this an effective way of getting things to stick - coatings, seeds on bread etc.

Poach chicken pieces in stock until cooked.  This means that when you fry them you are only cooking the coating, so you can do it fast and hot, and you don’t have to worry about the safety of the chicken.  You can do this the day before and refrigerate until needed.
poach chicken until cooked

Pat dry.  I left the skin on as that is what the recipe suggested but I would remove this next time.
poached chicken

Heat fryer to 170 degrees C

For two chicken legs (four pieces):
1 egg,  mix and place on shallow plate
75g flour  (40% urid, 40% tapioca, 20% cornmeal)
seasoning for the flour – pick your favourites, and put in quite a lot as this thin coating will be the main flavour hit for the whole chicken piece.  I use garlic powder, chilli and paprika.

Place flour mix in a bag.  Put the chicken pieces in one at a time and shake to coat.  Dip in egg until coated, then put back in the flour and shake. Slightly messy activity but very easy.
coat with egg and flour

Place in hot fat and cook for a couple of minutes until crisp and golden.   Dip in slowly so that the coating starts to cook before you let the chicken fall into the fat. If you hold each piece with tongs you can do this safely. This will stop your batter sticking to the wire basket. Drain on a wire rack.

crisp fried chicken
I froze some and reheated.  They were fine so make a big batch while you have the fryer set up. 

TT says they are crisper than the bought fried chicken.  Having been poached, the chicken is succulent and thoroughly cooked.  Vary the broth and the flour seasoning to suit your taste.

Nigella Lawson, whose recipe I based this on, poaches the chicken in milk.  I used stock to avoid the lactose and milk proteins.

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