Friday, 17 February 2012

seriously lemony easy lemon surprise pudding - gluten free

A while ago I tried to make a lemon pudding where the top is cake and the bottom a sauce.  It wasn't very good, being a rather gluey mix all the way through.  I think I put too much flour in.  Tonight's pudding looked revolting in the making but was delicious to eat.  I made it very tangy with three lemons.  If you like a milder pudding use two lemons.  It took me about five minutes to assemble.

3 lemons, juice, and zest of one lemon
30g fat - I used cholesterol-reducing margarine
125 g sugar
2 eggs, separated
30g my gf flour mix (40%urid, 40%tapioca, 20%cornmeal)
50g rice milk

Mix fat and sugar together
add lemon zest, egg yolk and flour and mix
add rice or other milk
whip egg white until fluffy but not stiff and fold into the mix.

Pour into a greased baking dish.  Place in a larger dish and add water to about half way up the pudding dish.  Bake in a 170C oven for about 35minutes.

This produces a light crisp top with a great puddle of zingy sauce underneath.  I did find that there were some bits that seemed to be half way between the two that I didn't like so much, from around the edge of the dish, so I just didn't eat those bits.

When I made mine I was being lazy and stupid and put the sugar in with the lemon juice and then added the fat - this made a revolting looking mess but I just added the rest of the ingredients and stirred until it was evenly lumpy, then folded in the egg white. This completely unappetising looking mess produced a good pudding, so the recipe is clearly quite robust and would be hard to ruin.

Serve with something creamy if people want to tone down the flavour.

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