Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cod with pine kernals

A really easy meal made special with some storecupboard staples.  This cod is topped with stir-in tomato and garlic pasta sauce (Sacla) and mayonaise and then topped with whole pine kernals, then baked until the fish is cooked.

I used two cod fillets (frozen, packaging says sustainable sourced).  On top of each fillet I put one teaspoon of pasta sauce and one of mayonnaise.  I find mayonnaise an easy way of adding creaminess without having to worry about my dairy intolerance.  I find the little jars of 'stir-in' pasta sauce very useful for all sorts of things as they keep for a fortnight once open, and are great for pizzas as they are not too sloppy.

I was going to pulverise the pine kernals but as I no longer have a food processor I just sprinkled the pine kernals on top of the fish.  I think this was fine and don't think I would bother chopping the pine kernals in future even if the kit was handy.

I baked the fish in the oven for thirty minutes as instructed on the packaging, and served with potato wedges, roasted carrots, and steamed broccoli.

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