Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Heinz gluten free pasta and sauces

Another major player has brought out a range of gluten free products.  I was sent samples of Heinz's new gluten free macaroni and two pasta sauces to test. For those of you yearning for the instant fix of spaghetti hoops in a tin, this is dry pasta you cook yourself.

The pasta is made from cornflour, potato flour, lupin flour, lupin proteins, emulsifiers (monodiglycerides of fatty acids).

Those of you who have tried gf pastas know they tend to go mushy very quickly.  This pasta retains its shape well and has an 'al dente' texture.  I did wonder whether it would be good for pasta salads, another food I know people miss.  I was also curious whether it would cope with being eaten as left overs or made ahead for picnic/work lunches.  I mixed some mayonnaise into plain pasta and left it in the fridge until the next day to test this.

The pasta still had its shape a day later but the texture was rather too firm to be pleasant.  I have been struggling to think how to describe this, and the closest I can get to is the texture of an uncooked fresh pea that has been left on the plant to grow large and firm.  If this sounds ok to you then go ahead and try this for prepare ahead meals.

The pasta sauces are smooth textured and rather sweet.  I suspect they have been designed around children's taste buds.  I will be buying these, however, for their convenient packaging.  They come in small cartons, so are ideal for taking in the campervan or tucking into odd corners of the kitchen cupboards in small flats.

Overall, well done for adding to customer choice.  Not my favourite dried pasta, but it does mean that there may be a dried gf pasta out there to suit most people.

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