Tuesday, 25 January 2011

haddock with roasted peppers and feta

Haddock with roasted peppers and feta

I have always liked baking and never much liked the kind of cooking where you were supposed to taste things and adjust them as you cooked.  Being useless at following recipes doesn't help. However, I decided it was time I increased the variety of our meals and bought a bunch of magazines.

Tonight I cooked, on Tolerant Taster's request, a recipe from the BBC Olive magazine for Haddock baked with roasted peppers and feta Olive mag recipe.  I even went and shopped for the ingredients, though I did have some feta in the freezer.  I find I can never use feta up when I buy it fresh as I have to keep my dairy consumption low, so keeping the leftovers in the freezer means I can add this to breads or other foods where it having been frozen won't matter.  The hardest part was trying to find any fish with Marine Stewardship or other sustainable ratings.

The recipe is very easy to follow and to make.  You just need to get a portion of fish for each person, put it in a dish with roasted peppers from a jar, and top it with a crumble made from bread, feta, garlic and parsley.  I had run out of my usual Lazy Bread so used a bit of a bagel, but I am sure it would be very good with pine kernels to add the crunch instead. Bake it for however long your bit of fish needs cooking and you have a vivid and easy-to-eat dish that has a festive air.  I am intending to add this to my normal repertoire, particularly when I have guests coming, as I am sure all the preparation could be done in advance and the dish baked when needed.

I served this with sweet potato chips and broccoli.

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