Monday, 10 January 2011

IsItInIt? shopping made easy with Food Angel

I just bought an application for my smartphone called IsItInIt Food Angel from

It is available in the UK.  I don't know if there are equivalents elsewhere.  You can try this for free for a week and then it costs £10 per year.  It says that it works in Sainsbury's, but since it scans the product barcode and not a specific store barcode it will work anywhere.  I checked it out at home on some pasta sauce and some beer, and it told me the pasta sauce was safe (which it was) and the beer wasn't safe(which of course it wasnt, being ordinary beer made from barley).  You just open the app, make sure the barcode is in the rectangle on the camera screen which pops up, and it gets the information for you.

I have carried extra strong glasses with me since I realised I had to avoid gluten.  Type is often very small, and people use a whole variety of words to describe ingredients that have gluten in.  This should make shopping for new products much easier.

They don't seem to have entered data on non-food items, so you will still need to read the labels on toiletries if you are avoiding gluten in these as I am.  I get migraines if I use toiletries with gluten in so am very careful about these as well as food.  As for stories of gluten in the glue in envelopes...get the self stick ones.

JUNE 8 2011 - just got an email to say this service is closing due to funding problems


  1. There is another app which does this at
    Have a look at FoodWiz to display gluten information on your phone while shopping in 1 second from a barcode scan. Works without a signal, and there are no additional data charges everytime you scan a product. £10 a year.

  2. Trying to find out if this works in New Zealand but at this stage I'm thinking not. Still investigating. If anyone knows if these apps are available in NZ, I would love to hear from you.


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