Friday, 1 April 2011

Philiphaugh estate cafe, gluten free in Selkirk

I am spending a few days visiting my sister in Selkirk, Scotland.  We have had wild blustery weather and visits to lots of cafes.
The Philiphaugh Estate has a salmon viewing centre and other activities and a lovely cafe in a wooden chalet style building.  The coffee tastes good and there is a choice of carrot cake made with almonds and olive oil, so dairy and gluten free, or a lemon slice. The lemon slice is made with Doves Farm self raising flour, so has xanthum gum in it, so I didnt try that.

I mentioned the need fo clean tongs, and instead of the usual peeved or blank look I was told that of course they had seperate utensils that were kept wrapped up.

The carrot cake was more a moist almond cake with shreds of carrot and pine kernals and a few raisins.  I ould have been pleased with.myself for having made this, which is pretty high praise for me.  My sister tried the lemon cake, and thought it seemed a little undedone, but possibly we had hurried the baking as both slices were warm.

The cafe can handle requests for other allergies and intolerances to be taken into account as they make all btheir own food and take the issue seriously.


  1. Despite the wild weather, I can imagine you are having a fantastic time. I love that part of Scotland and was holidaying in that general area just before I was diagnosed with Coeliac.

  2. I am an avid reader of anything written by Rosamund Pilcher, who sets a lot of her stories in Scotland (as you probably know). I would LOVE to visit Selkirk :-)


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