Thursday, 28 April 2011

Gluten-free Lasagna sheets - home-made then frozen

lasagna made from sheets of frozen 'fresh' pasta

Some time ago I made lasagna and stored some of the sheets in the freezer.  Yesterday I made these up  for supper.  Some had been frozen direct from making, others had been cooked in boiling water.  I was curious to find out what the best method of freezing lasagna would be so that a single batch of making could be enjoyed as a convenience several times.

The sheets frozen before cooking were easy to handle as they did not stick to the plastic wrap I had stored them in.  I cooked them in boiling water for  a few minutes and layered up with tomato sauce and baked.

The pre-boiled sheets were a nuisance.  As they weren't flat they had stuck into folds of plastic wrap.  It took me longer to get these disentangled than it did to cook the dry sheets.

In future I would freeze the fresh pasta dry and just boil before use.

Both pastas tasted pretty much the same after cooking.  I didn't do a blind testing, but neither I nor TT had any preference.

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