Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lazy bread in the campervan

Before we left England on our European jaunt I mixed up some flours, seeds and yeast (and some Solanic potato protein which helps stop slumping) and made up 400g bags and heat sealed them.  Monday evening I added water to make a thick slurry and left the dough to sit overnight.  
I had no idea if the yeast I had used could cope with being treated this way, but next morning, even in the van which we hadn’t heated, the batter was bubbly so I put it in a bread tin and put it in the oven.  
I have found in the past that this bread copes with being baked from a start in a cold oven, so I just did that here, cooking at full heat for an hour and 15 minutes at a slightly reduced temperature.  I haven’t got a thermometer so I have no idea what temperature the bread was cooked at.  However, the bread came out well cooked and delicious, so I can very definitely say that it works well as a lazy, no idea what the temperature is, campervan bread.

This bread is made with urid lentil, tapioca, and cornmeal flours plus potato protein, pumpkin, sunflower and linseeds, yeast and water.


  1. I'm intrigued by how you made bread in the camper van?! We've traveled a lot in our VW ... which has a stove top. I love making breakfast in it on cold mornings. Do you have an oven in yours? The bread looks great!

  2. We have a tiny oven. I was intending to test the recipe in a pressure cooker as I used to bake in one when I was a student to save money. I grew up in India where my mother did all our baking in a metal box on top of a primus stove, so tend to assume all these things are possible.

    I made pizza last night, pancakes this morning, planning on a batch of cookies later on. We have only just started travelling so still learning, but I bake early evening then the heat from the oven keeps us warm.


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