Friday, 13 April 2012

Frankie & Bennies - an update on gluten free eating

I noticed that several people had read my blog from 2010 about eating gf at Frankie & Bennie's, where I said it was dull but safe.  However, since then I ate at one of their stores again.

This time the waiter said they were used to dealing with food intolerances.  I said I was very sensitive and they would need to take extra care - dishes straight from the dishwasher, not touching my food if they had touched bread etc.  I asked for a spiced chicken dish with salad.

The food came.  The chicken was not spiced - I presume they decided the spice mix had gluten or they weren't sure.  I didn't get an explanation or comment.

I don't remember much about the meal.  What I do remember is that I was ill for several days afterwards, a particular nuisance as I was starting a trip to France and Italy in the campervan.

So,  self-perceived knowledge about food sensitive may have increased but the capacity to handle food safely does not seem to be adequate.  Based on this experience I would be very loathe to eat at one of these restaurants again.

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