Saturday, 30 June 2012

lactose-free caramlised banana frozen yogurt.

I buy channel island milk (made with the milk from Guernsy and Jersey cows) to make yogurt for my husband.  Properly made live yogurt has very small amounts of lactose, but even that is too much for me.  When I want a milk product I add lactase enzyme to the milk and leave it for twentyfour hours for the lactose to be converted to glucose. You can make this with bought lactose free yogurt, but it won't be as creamy.

This frozen yogurt is delicious and complex.

caramalised banana frozen yogurt

Main mixture

500g yogurt
2 bananas
small blob of butter or other cooking fat
50g sugar ( I used soft brown)
1tbsp of brandy/rum/vodka etc to make sure the frozen yogurt doesn't set too hard
1 tsp vanilla

Slice bananas and place in pan with butter on a medium heat.  Sprinkle sugar on top.  Cook until the sugar has melted and the bananas are soft.  Turn when they begin to get a hint of brown.  Don't wander off and forget this job.

Take off the heat when they smell of caramel.  Don't let it burn at all unless you like that bitter flavour.

When they have cooled a bit add the vanilla and alcohol. Don't put the alcohol in the mixture when it is hot or it will lose its anti-freeze properties and your frozen yogurt will be hard to scoop.

Cool.  When cold add to the yogurt and put in your icecream machine.  When it begins to go firm put in a plastic container and freeze until needed.

If you don't have an icecream machine you can make this by putting mix in a freezer tub that has spare room, freeze for half an hour, stir, repeat several times.  The sitrring reduces the chances of ending up with large ice crystals.

cooking banana with sugar
Swirl mixture
Repeat the caramalisation process with another banana and 15g of sugar.  When this mixture has cooled a bit add a small handful of chocolate chips - I used dark chocolate, and stir to melt.  Let this cool so that you can stir it into the yogurt when you put it into the tub.

Swirl the chocolatey banana mixture through the frozen yogurt before freezing.  You can leave this bit out, or skip the is up to you.

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