Sunday, 25 November 2012

M&S gluten free beefburger in bun

Shopping today I noticed that M&S have taken the trouble to use a gluten free crumb in their standard beefburger.   On the rare occasions I eat burgers I usually buy organic mince and make my own burgers, but I thought it was worth trying these.  I also bought some of their gf brown buns.

The burger looked good.  I cut the beef burger itself in half as it was so thick, and layered this with salad and ketchup and mustard.  The bun has the usual gf problem that it is powdery and tends to disintegrate.  If I could tolerate cheese I would have melted cheese and spread it on both halves of the bun - this is a good way of making gf breads hold together.

Much of the bun ended up in the bin, but nonetheless I am impressed with the efforts made by M&S.  At least with this kind of food being available people can join in normal activities.


  1. Looks good but isn't it disappointing to find that no matter what they look like they always crumble and disintegrate in your mouth!

    1. the DS ciabatta rolls are the only ones that don't disappoint, and being long life too they are good as a store cupboard reserve. Just had one with carrot and lentil soup.


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