Friday, 30 November 2012

Nut roast - a handy food for gf vegetarians - guests or visits

I was strolling around Worcester (UK) this evening as it is their Victorian Christmas Fair - the centre of town is thronged with stalls, stallholders wearing Victorian- style clothing.  There were lots of food stalls selling burgers and sausages in buns (and yes, the burgers had cereal in, I checked), pizza, dutch pancakes, french crepes, Balinese spring rolls, Spanish churros....I could have had hot chestnuts but preferred to just watch others eating and kept myself safe.

Then I came across Nevins Speciality Foods selling gluten free nut roasts. They are a new business and their website is not up and running yet (Dec 2012) but will be  I bought a Cranberry and Chestnut nut roast.  The individually packed in paper baking cases and plastic wrap, and look inviting.  They have breadcrumbs in, made with Doves Farm flour and no xanthum gum.   There are other flavours, but those had dairy in so I didn't try them.

These individual nut roasts (though they would serve two unless you had been tramping miles or had nothing else with them) can be frozen.

This one had a firm though not hard texture, a moist middle, and a sweet and savoury flavour that would make it very versatile.  The chestnut flavour did not dominate.

An excellent addition to the convenience foods available to the gluten avoider.

As these are currently being sold at venue direct from maker to consumer the labels do not list all the ingredients.  For example, this nut roast does have dairy in the breadcrumb, but it isn't listed.  Be a little cautious and quiz the seller if you are very sensitive.


a few minutes after eating this I got an allergic reaction.  Very odd, as I don't normally have allergic reactions to any foods.  I am allergic to Erythromycin and zinc oxide...but those aren't going to be in a nut roast.  Will phone and get more details.  

After the phone call- no idea what caused the problem.  I should eat the remainder of the nut roast today to check that I get the same reaction, but don't feel inclined to to this.  Spoke to the maker, can't figure out what caused it as nothing in the food that would worry me.  Maybe there was an airborne allergen in the market area that produced a reaction after I got back - I do react powerfully to insect bites, stinging nettles etc so just possible some strange product floating off the Christmas wreath, strings of dried oranges, scented candles etc.


  1. an email from another consumer, with permission:
    I also bought some nut roasts from the Worcester Xmas market and came across your blog whilst trying to find Nevins on-line.
    So I just wanted to share our experience with you. Me and my boyfriend prefer to be vegetarian but have no allergies at all.
    We ate the nut roasts last night. We had nightmares last night, were dehydrated on waking up and awful headaches all day today and I perceive these symptoms to be MSG-like.
    I've reread the package and MSG is not purposefully added, but perhaps it's coming in with the veg stock or yeast extract.
    It's such a shame as we really enjoyed eating them, we are always looking for local easy meals like this but I definitely won't be buying them again.
    All the best

    1. I too bought some of these nut roasts from Worcester Christmas Market, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I came accross this blog whilst searching to see where I could purchase these products from.

    2. Hi Maureen, I thought they tasted good and - I am glad you enjoyed them. I notice that the website of this new company is still not running. I have a mobile number for them I could send you if you like.

    3. Maureen, I spoke to the company today - they are selling at farmer's markets (weather permitting) and also have a tea shop Number 1 Broad St Bromyard (closed mondays). I am going to talk to them next week about recipes/flours.


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