Thursday, 9 June 2011

IsitinIt? shopping made easy with Food Angel- cease operating

Got this email- haven't tested the system to se if it has stopped as only got it to see how it worked

I suppose it is a very data intense activity to keep everything up to date and they couldn't cope.

Dear subscriber,

It is with regret that I write to inform you that yesterday evening the directors of Food Contents and Allergies Limited made the decision to cease trading with immediate effect as a result of the Company's financial position.

Financial assistance has been sought from a number of sources recently but unfortunately, last night, the final possibility was exhausted and assistance has not been secured which resulted in the immediate closing of the isitinit service and the decision to cease trading.

We regret that as a result of the Company's position we are not able to refund prepaid subscriptions.

Yours sincerely,

Kind Regards,


Caroline Baker – Customer Relations Manager
Tel: 01953 859707

FCAA Limited, 9-11 Penfold Drive, Gateway 11, Wymondham, Norfolk,  NR18 0WZ

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