Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Strawberry Blonde Brownie

Brownies made with white chocolate are soft and fudgy and sweet.  I wondered what the tang of strawberry would be like with them, cooked as a swirl through the white cake.

I made a standard batch of white brownie.  I took 75g of strawberry jam and 100g of fresh strawberries, chopped.  I put a layer of the plain batter in the cake tin first, to reduce the chance of the strawberries making everything too sticky to handle when eating.  I then lightly stirred the strawberry pulp into the rest of the batter and spooned on top.

125g butter
250g white chocolate
4 eggs
350g sugar
2 tsp vanilla
400g flour - I used 150g almond, 250g my usual mixture ((40% urid, 40% tapioca, 20% cornmeal)
75g strawberry jam
100g fresh strawberries

Melt chocolate and butter - 2 mins on medium in the microwave works for me.
Mix sugar, eggs and vanilla.  Check chocolate not too hot then stir into egg mixture.  Stir in flour.  Place in greased/lined tin and bake.

Cooked for 25 mins at 180C and 20mins at 160C, the brownie is crisp on the edge and squishy in the middle.  I think a bit more strawberry might be better, but served with some fresh strawberries this is very good.


  1. This looks amazing!
    I will definitely be trying it soon.
    Heidi x

  2. Having been very fortunate to taste one of these, I can confirm that these are seriously delicious!

  3. my kids love this brownies as i made this very easy to follow procedure. thanks for sharing this yummy recipe. :)

  4. i tried this recipe but it was very soggy and didn't work out even though I followed the recipe and ingredients. is there a specific size of tin that you used?

    1. Hi Angela, in case the comment I just published doesn't reach you I'm rewriting as a reply. I think that the wetness may be due to variations in the strawberries, as I have found my brownies vary in how damp they are. If they come out too wet just cut them in pieces and rebake which gives a crisp outside and a cooked inside. I like them this way even better.
      I use a large baking dish which gives brownies about 3cm thick.
      If you still think they are too squishy they are good folded into icecream as a cross between cookie dough and brownie icecream.

  5. Hi Angela, I just use a large baking tin. It is quite squishy, and sometimes I have found it is still very damp after this amount of time. I assumed it was due to strawberries varying, and just put it back in the oven in pieces to cook a bit longer. This gives a nice crusty finish to each piece, which I think improves them over the ones which seem perfect to start with.


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