Friday, 10 June 2011

Sainsbury Celiac / coeliac leaflet

TT brought home a leaflet for coeliacs from Sainsbury's the other day.  He was disconcerted by it as it gave a list of substitutes but had the direction of substitution going in the wrong directions.  I wrote to the company.

Thank you for you efforts to make things easier for coeliacs.  However, your leaflet has a basic error.  Under Gluten-free alternatives you have got the word 'for' instead of with so that you are in effect telling people to eat wheat instead of rice etc
eg"Substitute wheat flour for potato".  This error is in all of these sentences except for your Sainsbury's own brand cereals.


Dear Lois
Thanks for your email.  I’m sorry our celiac leaflets have a basic mistake on them.  I can understand your disappointment, especially as you appreciate our efforts to make shopping easier for anyone who has to follow this specialised diet.
I’ve spoken to the relevant department and they’ll make sure this information is updated to avoid any confusion.
We appreciate you taking the time to contact us and look forward to seeing you in store again soon.

Kind regards

Patricia McGovern
Customer Manager
It will be interesting to see if they change this - anyone that spots a revised leaflet let me know!


  1. Good on them for trying but how can they get something so basic, wrong!

  2. yeah, staggering, isn't it. Not even the excuse that they were translating from japanese!


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