Monday, 1 August 2011

Apple Crumble

The Bramley Apple tree is beginning to drop apples that are just ripe enough to use in cooking -they are only half the size the fully mature ones will be but it seems a shame to waste them.  I peeled, cored and sliced them, cooked them until soft with some pear juice, cinnamon, mixed spice and brown sugar.  I put a crumble topping on them and baked until golden - a bit of an autumn desert on a hot day when the pool is at 26C!

Crumble Ingredients
100g flour
50g butter
50g sugar
30ml water (adjust to suit your flour/weather)

Rub the butter into the flour by hand or whizz in a food processor
Stir in sugar.
If the mixture forms small clumps when you press it lightly you may not need to add water.  Otherwise add a little water and mix so that the dough tends to clump.  I find this gives a crunchier topping than if you sprinkle a dusty mixture on top of the fruit.

You can mix in spice or flaked almonds to vary this mixture.  If you make too much just keep in a bag in the freezer and use when you need it, or make cookies.  This amount gave a topping in a  dish 7cm by 22cm - four modest portions or two for hungry people.

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