Monday, 22 August 2011

Gluten-free menu or annotated menu

I started thinking about this after eating at Brasserie Blanc.  They say they have a gluten free menu when really what they have is a very helpful annotated menu so that you can tell what has gluten in it.  They say this is the first step, and it is a very useful first step. However, it doesn't feel as if anyone looked at the menu that was left and said, now how would I make an enticing meal from this....if just felt like being left out all over again.

We need to encourage annotated menus as a first step.  I ask, and if I am lucky I get a scribbled on menu back from the chef, sometimes it is hard to figure out what the squiggles mean - gf/ could be gf if left something out / can't be gf.  Having this available as a standard prepared menu is helpful and suggests the restaurant has thought about the issue ahead of time.

A true gluten free menu would be one where anyone could eat a meal and then think, My! that was all gluten free! (apart, of course, from those of us who won't eat a morsel without being sure).

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  1. I hadn't thought of it like this. But you're absolutely right.


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