Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Is bad food a good thing? Keeping safe with the rise of gf options.

Yesterday I ate at ASK Pizza, trying one of their gf pastas.  We were the only people in the restaurant - we went in purely for research as we were passing, and four o'clock in the afternoon is clearly a quiet time.

I recognised the pasta when it came.  I had ordered a sauce that was normally served with a long pasta - spahgetti or linguini, I forget which.  I got a stiff twirly short pasta.  It held it's shape through the meal, but had that distincive stodgyiness I expect from all but a few gf pastas.

Later the same day I noticed Adriana Robinovich, who ran a gf baking class I went to a few years ago, posting that her daughter had been given the wrong pasta - she didn't say where.  Her post was a short guide to how to respond and what sort of emergency supplies you should always carry with you.

I had intended to write to ASK pizza to suggest they used a delicious tagliatelli and other shapes made by La Veneziana.  It just struck me - would I be happy eating a pasta that was delicious and tender in a bustling restaurant?  That would surely increase the chances of being fed the wrong pasta without knowing until it was too late. 

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