Monday, 14 March 2011

And I thought I had it bad - gluten in coffee

I am very sensitive to gluten and am very careful about what I eat.  Before I had a citron presse in a cafe yesterday I checked that they squeezed the lemons and limes away from the place they made the food, and ordered one when they said the fruit was squeezed at the bar upstairs first thing in the morning and the food was prepared downstairs in the kitchen.  I also ordered a coffee.  No flavoured syrups because it is a nuisance having to ask to read the bottle.

Today a web group I am a member of published a query.  Since you might not be able to access it I have copied it here.  I hope the writer doesn't mind, but it illustrates a significant issue I hadn't thought of (Poster, if you see this and you want to take out the quote let me know).

coffee query
"Two and a half weeks ago I had scrambled eggs and a mug of machine coffee in a small cafe, next day I was bad and covered in my rash which did extend to my big toe, this was repeated for several days then I had a break of several days then returned having the coffeee and eggs.The rash got worse so I cut out the eggs, no change so then cut out the coffee and started to improve who would believe it, so went back yesterday had my eggs and a pot of tea, no problems."

I did my usual search.  I found quite a bit of discussion of the dangers of having coffee where flavoured coffees are ground or dispensed from the same machinery  This is referring to those coffees where the flavour is added to the whole bean.  Some of these have gluten in, so once they are used in a coffee machine that machine is then contaminated.  

There is more on this at gluten in coffee

Of course, coffee means different things to different people.  I've never been obsessed by it; I come from a family who mostly can't handle coffee, and I mostly use it as an emergency treatment when I know a migraine is arriving.  A double espresso at the first hint of a migraine and it changes the way the blood vessels in the head operate and almost always the migraine doesn't develop.

If you want to envy a truly great coffee experience read this glutenfreegirl- be patient, imagine yourself there, and who wouldn't want the chance to drink coffee like this. 

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