Thursday, 10 March 2011

Crispy Chicken in breadcrumbs - gluten-free of course

crisp oven-baked, gluten-free chicken
When making bread tests or just when making bread I sometimes make a loaf that isn't good enough to eat as bread.  Gluten-free breads are particularly prone to producing a dense mushy area at the bottom when trying to make a large loaf.  Whilst our wild birds love these highly nutritious loaves you can make use of them yourself.  If you cube the bread and whizz it in the food processor you get versatile breadcrumbs to jazz up all sorts of foods.  I like to toast them in the oven for a bit to get them dry and then bag and freeze them.
dried breadcrumbs
Yesterday I visited an organic farm to ask about strawberry varieties for a Slow Food event in the summer.  Lots of useful information and contacts, and a fresh dry-plucked chicken, so thanks, Roots at Rushwick.

In the past I have fried the breaded chicken to get a good golden crust first then finished them off in the oven.  However, that adds a lot of fat to the dish, increases the washing up, and makes the house smell of frying.  I did try just baking them dry, and that led to an acceptable but not as nice product.  I saw Ellie Krieger lightly spritz her breaded chicken with a cooking spray, so thought it would be worth a try.

I cut off the chicken breasts and chopped them into medium sized pieces.   The rest of the chicken will make a curry, then I will roast the bones then make a stock.  I reckon on about four meals for two people from a chicken.
chicken pieces
Lightly beat two eggs and place in a wide shallow bowl.  If you can't or don't eat egg use tapioca gloop or your usual egg substitute.  Tapioca gloop is very sticky - take 10g tapioca flour, 100ml water, stir together then cook while stirring until you have a thick transparent paste,
beaten egg
Put your breadcrumbs in another shallow bowl.  Add spices or crushed cornflakes if you want.
Dip the chicken pieces first in the egg then the breadcrumbs then place on a greased tray.  Spray cooking spray on the chicken then bake at 190C for 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the pieces.
uncooked chicken
cooked chicken

These produced light crunchy chicken portions.  TT has a yearning sometimes for KFCs, and these keep him happy; they are gluten-free, local organic chicken, and lower fat.


  1. Thanks for the tip about the breadcrumbs. I recently made a bread I just don't like and can't bring myself to eat it or throw it out. It is in the freezer in slices. Maybe I will crumb it. Better than wasting it. What should I do though? Should I thaw it and crumb it in the food processor then toast it as I need it? I am doubting I can thaw it all, process it then crumb it, toast it and refreeze it all?
    Stupid question I know but because I don't know what to do, it continues to glare at me every time I open the freezer!

  2. love the comment, sleepinghorse.
    Take out a slice or two as you need it. If you want soft(ish) breadcrumbs to soak up liquid, for example in a burger or stuffing, cube/whizz and use as is. If you want to coat with crisp crumbs whizz then dry - for example on the chicken. I never used breadcrumbs in anything before I went gluten free - pity i didn't listen to my body earlier, but just use the way ordinary breadcrumbs are used.
    They also make a good topping if you whizz or cube then fry with spices or herbs - add a bit of crunch to an otherwise dullish meal.
    Open the freezer. See it smile at you seductively.


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