Tuesday, 22 March 2011

M&S 'North Indian Menu Meal to share' - gluten free

M&S curry meal
Having a Marks & Spencer store at service stations has transformed my travelling.  I know I can always get a safe, albeit cold, meal on the motorway if I can find a stop with one of their store.  Waitrose are much less good, and as for the others, I end up having a smoothie and a pack of plain crisps.  I have wondered about using the microwave service stations provide for heating baby food to heat up a ready meal but haven't done that yet.

I spotted a North Indian meal for two: Saffron Plain Rice, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Jalfrezi and Chicken Tikka Masala. I bought one of these and a bag of the mini poppadums for a quick meal at home.

The curries all tasted different, and the vegetables were crisp and easiliy distinguished. It certainly doesn't beat going to a reasonable Indian restaurant, but for under ten pounds and less than ten minutes preparation we had a satisfying meal for two.

These can be frozen.


  1. Great tip! Thanks so much :)

  2. Hello Lois - I found you through your comment on Sleeping Horse 's Blog. Have you seen this blog?: http://justbento.com ? A Bento is a Japanese lunchbox thing, and this blog is ideas for what to put in a lunchbox - not just Japanese food. The reason I suggest it is because, I have coeliac disease and find it a huge challenge when we travel (or sometimes even when out with friends). I'm thinking a packed lunch would make life heaps easier...
    I'm glad I found you and will keep checking in.


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