Friday, 18 March 2011

the soup is Heinz that ok?

we are in a 'brasserie' in Gloucester Docks, having rejected four sandwich shops as a place to get lunch .  I didn't even want to go near the one called 'Toast'.  Nothing promising on the menu so I ask about the soup .  "What flavour is it and does it have gluten in?"
The waitress came back from her fact finding mission to say it was tomato or veg and it was Heinz, was that ok?

I ate my handbag food.  Blueberry and white chocolate seed bar.  Fortunately it tastes so good I am glad to have the opportunity to eat it rather than some bad soup.

I have no idea if the two soups are safe.  I don't think it should be my job to know the ingredients in the food a restaurant is serving when they don't.

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  1. Sounds like the sort of experiences I have. Shocking isn't it.


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