Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Instant gluten-free chinese meals? Rice noodles at the Coop

shelves of chinese sauces

I got excited at my  local Cooperative supermarket a while ago because they had rice noodles in a bag with the vegetables.  I don't usually buy the ready-chopped vegetable medleys for stir fry, but I decided to make a meal with all convenience foods using the rice noodles.

One pack of rice noodles.  One pack of prepared mange-tout, baby corn cobs, beansprouts etc.  Need a sauce.  Looked at the array of sauces.  Every single one had wheat in.  I know soy sauce has wheat in, but I was surprised to find that there wasn't a single jar of ready made 'chinese' cooking sauce that was gluten free.  I went and checked the (very small) 'free-from' section.  Nothing there either.

I put the rice noodles and vegetable pack back on the shelves and cooked something else instead.

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