Monday, 25 October 2010

Crisp spicy chicken egg-free

My husband gets cravings KFC fried chicken - a left-over from when he had a flat in the middle of London by himself. This is an attempt to make sure he doesn't feel neglected while he eats gluten-free food at home with me. I have been experimenting with egg substitutes, and tried tapioca gel (pre-hydrolysed tapioca starch) which is easy to make at home from flour and water.


Chicken breasts

Spicy rub

1-2 tsp Tapioca gel (100ml water and 10g tapioca flour mixed while cold and cooked until clear. Store in jar in fridge and use instead of egg white).


Cut chicken breast into strips. Roll in spicy rub. Massage tapioca gel into chicken pieces and then roll in cornmeal/polenta.

Heat frying pan with a small amount of oil. I used part groundnut for its high smoking point and part olive for the flavour.

Fry chicken on both sides until crisp and golden. Either continue frying until cooked all the way through or put in hot oven for a few minutes. Check cooked all the way through by cutting a large piece in half or using a thermometer to check internal temperature 170F, 77C.

Place on paper towel to drain.

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