Wednesday, 27 October 2010

lasagna and crispbread

Lasagna made with gluten free pasta tends to form a mush, and is very poor when kept and eaten later. This is a shame as it used to be one of my standby foods when I needed to feed large numbers of people but I didn’t know when they would arrive or they were going to turn up in the middle of the night (the kids after clubbing.).

I made some great crispbreads this week, and just to see how far I could take my new dough, made from urid lentils, quinoa and polenta, I had rolled them so thin I could see through them – the small amount of tapioca gel makes the dough very easy to handle.

It occurred to me that they might work well layered with tomato and cheese and used as lasagna. Astonishingly I appear to have no tinned tomatoes or cartons of passata in the house, but I did have milk and cheese. A quick cheese sauce and a small ramekin allowed me to build a tiny layered sort-of lasagna and bake it along with the supper.

First reports are very favourable. The layers were intact, soft but not mushy. A report on how it will be after a few hours will have to wait, but I am charmed by the idea of a snack food morphing into a meal food. I can see if this really works these crispbreads will have to be made in bulk and distributed to others who are mourning the loss of a great standby dish.

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