Monday, 25 October 2010

Vegan Apple Pie

I have lots of Bramley apples (that is an English cooking apple that reduces to a pulp when cooking) on the tree this year, a great pleasure after it was half knocked over in a storm a couple of years ago and had to be heavily pruned and propped.

Yesterday I made a pie for supper using my usual recipe, which uses butter. This morning I noticed a post on Facebook from Glutenfreegirl asking about good vegan pastry recipes so I immediately had to run a test ( I'll get dressed later)


100g Pure margarine or other dairy free

70g urid lentil flour

65g sugar

65g tapioca flour

65g ground almonds

Rub fat into flours, mix in sugar. Squidge together to make dough. Don’t worry about over-mixing, you won't make it tough.

Roll out pastry to fit pie dish

Fill with apple mix – I pre-cooked these Bramleys to make a soft filling

Roll out topper and place over pie, squeezing edges of the two sheets of pastry together

Bake at 170C (fan) for about 25 minutes.

This pie worked very well. The pastry is crisp and light. I removed it from the pie dish while it was still hot to see how it held up and it did collapse a bit, but not enough to worry about.

A bit tragic to have to test hot apple pie at ten in the morning ( could be why I can't fit into the clothes I was going to wear to Sara's wedding) but hey, research is more important that elegance.

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