Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Gluten-free Granary style bagels and bread - tapioca free experiment

bagel-shaped rolls   baked only

So, the challenge is on to produce a range of foodstuffs without tapioca as well as without gluten.  I thought I would try a wholegrain style bread, using brown rice flour instead of my usual tapioca.

I was aiming at a warm toasty sort of flavour.

I made up a dough using my usual technique, intending to make bagels.

I made one small loaf to test the flavour, without the egg, and it worked very well.  It produced a bread that sliced easily, made a cheese and tomato sandwich without disintegrating, and tasted rather like a brown sourdough loaf but a bit damper.

I then added the usual egg and some more brown rice flour to the batter and left it to rise.

risen dough

When I came to shape the bagels the dough was a lot softer than it would have been with the same amount of tapioca flour - tapioca doughs seem to dry out and slightly set when left.  I ran out of the rice flour so just made very soft bagels, which would have held together in the boiling water if made with tapioca. Tapioca gelatinises on contact with the boiling water and the rice flour doesn't.  I should have used some cornflour to produce this effect.  I'll try that next time.

bagels disintegrating

I scooped the disintegrating bagels out of the water and baked them in a giant puddle.  I figured they would do well for producing breadcrumbs if nothing else.

The remaining dough was baked in small rolls (bagel shaped- the ones that hadn't made it into the water) and loaf tins.
texture of the egg-free bread

When I get a tapioca-free recipe to work I'll post it.

500g brown rice flour
400g urid flour
50g pecans - ground
50g quinoa flakes
50g ground almonds
80g sprouted buckwheat flour
20g sprouted linseed flour
30g sunflower seeds - ground
2 eggs
1 tsp cocoa
2 tsp date syrup
2 tsp yeast
water to make a dough that just held its shape

So, as a loaf, this works very well.

As bagels - definitely doesn't hold its shape in the water.  Further tests required.

I have run out of the sprouted buckwheat flour I made and probably wont make any more in the near future.  It is a very flavoursome flour, with a sweet taste.  If you have been missing malty tastes this would be worth your trying as it is easy but takes time for the buckwheat to grow and then dry.


  1. That's great news to come up with a tapioca free bread!!!! I am severely allergic to tapioca, white potato, arrowroot and moderately allergic to gluten, whey and soy. I will be your 1st customer to try it!!!

    1. Hi Kim, I haven't been doing any more tests as I moved house to a flat with a tiny kitchen. That is some list of things you are allergic to! I do have a potato protein that makes gf bread much better but i suppose that is out too. I've now given up buckwheat, corn and soy too- hope the list doesnt get any longer. If I do work on this I'll post the results.


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