Thursday, 21 July 2011

Breakfast muffins, gluten free, dairy free, high fibre

Before I started blogging all my cooking escapades I made some delicious and very nutritious breakfast muffins.  At the time I was doing an Open University Nutrition course, and I designed the muffins to be as complete a food as possible.  If you ate nothing but these muffins all day you met your daily RDAs for lots of food components, including protein and fibre.  Unfortunately, being written on a scrap of paper I can't find the recipe.

As I am due to  be on a writing course next month where I will need to take my own food to be sure to avoid contamination I thought I had better get on with recreating a version of this recipe.

This muffin has a complex slightly sweet flavour.  I haven't done the nutritional analysis of it, but it is a high fibre food with no highly processed sugars.  The sweetness comes from dried fruit, bananas, butternut squash and a bit of agave syrup, which has a low GI.  Adjust your seeds and fruit to suit what you like and have available. Almonds would also be a good addition - I read a study the other day that said a few whole almonds with breakfast kept you satiated longer.  I kept this nut free as a base recipe.

If you want to use quinoa in your baking but don't like the odd taste it can give, rinse it first.  If you need it dry for the recipe, then put it in a warm oven for a few minutes after rinsing.

150g mashed bananas (two small or one large)
100g roasted butternut squash (it would work grated raw, I just had some available ready roasted)
150g sunflower oil
100g flour
4 tsp baking powder
30g sunflower seeds plus 10g for topping
15g pumpkin seed plus 10g for topping
25g buckwheat
30g quinoa
15g linseed
70g raisins
60g blueberries/cranberry mix
50g agave syrup plus 1 tsp for topping

Put the seeds, buckwheat etc in a blender and grind.  I left the sunflower whole as I like a bit of texture. Add some of the flour and the raisins and grind so that the mixture looks like dark coarse flour.

Mix this with remaining flour and baking powder.

Mash banana and squash, add egg and oil.

Mix wet and dry ingredients together.

Divide mixture between 12 muffin cases.  Mix 1 tsp of agave syrup with the 10g g each of pumpkin and sunflower seed and sprinkle this on top of the muffins.  It isn't necessary but looks inviting and gives a sweet crunchy texture to the top.

Cook at 180C for 25 minutes in muffin cases.

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