Friday, 20 January 2012

At last, some baking in the new flat

I have been bereft of baking ingredients for the last month while we sold our old farmhouse and moved into a new flat.  Anyone with a strong stomach who wants to know why it took so long can read the tale on my housemoving blog.  I still haven't found my main supply of ingredients in the storage unit, but have manage to bring over my flour mill and a small amount of premixed flour.

I found that jar last night, so this morning, after a quick trip to our gym, now about a half a minute walk away on the other side of the canal, I just had to try to make some cookies.  I only had about a cubic cm of butter and no eggs, so just made a tiny batch of cookies - no scales or other measuring devices and no recipes.

The little bit of butter, rubbed into a dollop of flour, some sugar, a grind of pepper (couldn't find the cinnamon I wanted) and a bit of cocoa powder.  Water to make the mixture cohere and then onto a baking tray.

My lovely non stick super quality baking trays won't fit in my new oven, so I had to use the tin that came with the oven.  Four small discs, a quick press with a fork, and twelve minutes later (at least the oven has a fan and is quick to heat) and I had four cookies.  They were a bit bland,  so I rustled up some filling - icing sugar, cocoa and some soft spreadable butter - OK for icing but didn't want to use for the baking.  Cookies almost cool, press together, and hey presto, for the first time in a month I could have a cookie with my mid-morning drink.

Very pleasant, and total confirmation that my flour mix is robust and useful.  I made an apple cobbler the other day, with Doves Farm flour, and as soon as the dish got hot in the oven all the batter vanished down to the bottom.

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  1. LOVE the flat!
    I get baking withdrawal when I haven't baked for a while.


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