Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A delicious meal at Getti, - and why I won't order gf pizza or pasta

A quick trip to look at some furniture for the new flat - a desk that converts to a bed.  Didn't order it, but did have a delicious meal at Getti, 42 Marylebone High St London.

I ordered the cod with tomato and chili sauce with green beans.  Usually when I eat in a restaurant I think I could have cooked better at home.  This time I realised I didn't know how to cook fish at all.  It was exquisite, and this from a person who doesn't really like fish, and can't eat the stronger tasting ones without wanting to cry.

I had asked if they could feed me safely, and they said of course, one of their staff had coeliac disease, and they had good gf pasta they imported from Italy, and made pizza as well.  Rod ordered pizza.  When the meal arrived the waiter went to put the pizza in front of me.  Not a good sign.  For desert I ordered their sorbet - mango, strawberry and lemon, with a fruit couli.  It arrived, looking very splendid, with a cape gooseberry (physallis) and......two wafers stuffed on top.

I backed away with horror and said that the whole thing would need to be redone as it was poison.  They apologised and brought a new one several minutes later.  For some reason Rod's version had strawberry ice cream rather than strawberry sorbet, so I wouldn't have wanted that either.

Now, in both these cases I could see instantly that a mistake was being made.  If I had ordered a pizza and it had been good would I have been sure they had got it right?  Of course, half an hour later I would have been very sure if they had got it wrong, but would I have dared to eat the food?  Not only do we have to be sure that the ingredients are safe, the cooking is safe, but also that all the steps between kitchen and table are included in the risk management process.

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  1. My heart sinks when I am in a restaurant and either of these happen to me. It could be so easy with a little thought from the wait staff. But if they get these simple things wrong, I always wonder what did they get wrong in the kitcehn where I can't see them.


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