Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The English Provender Co, single portion gluten free salad dressings

I have been in restaurants who won't even feed me a bare salad.  I have been in restaurants who will allow me to have a salad, but won't tell me what is in the salad dressing.  I have been in cafes - for example beach cafes in Devon and Cornwall, where the salad dressing single portions say 'may contain' - and then list every designated allergen.

Today I spotted these single portion sachets of classic French Dressing and Honey and Mustard Dressing.  I think they are aimed at people who want to manage portion control - they state the calories on the front of the pack (21 and 44).  They do also state suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs on the back, and don't contain  any ingredients that are permitted as 'suitable for coeliacs' but a problem for those of us that are super sensitive such as codex wheat starch.

I am going to keep some of these in the campervan and also add them to my stock of 'handbag food' for when I am travelling.  I haven't tried the quality yet, but I think The English Provender Co tends to make reasonable products.


  1. Hi Lois, these look like a great idea - I was just wondering where it was that you "spotted" them. Was it in a supermarket or a restaurant?
    Debs x

    1. Hi debs, just found the salad dressings in Tesco supermarket


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