Thursday, 19 July 2012

browser compatibility and image overlapping

I have had several people writing to me in the last few weeks saying they were having problems viewing the blog, and in particular issues of images overlapping the text.  I have been trying to figure out whether there is anything I can do to resolve these issues.  Hunting around bloggers menus I found a table which shows that quite a few operating system/browser combinations may have problems.  I tried copying the table but it stuck well out into the edge of the blog and then wrecked the formatting further down....well, blogger is free and very easy to use so maybe these are the downsides. Also the text that I typed after I inserted the table ran off the edge and the font changed and couldn't be changed back - I definitely prefer baking to trying to figure out computers. Iv'e had to retype all the text as no matter what do the formatting insists on staying weird.

The table suggests that the only reliable browser is Google Chrome, which will work with any of the operating systems listed.

I'm sorry if the blog is causing you trouble - if you know of any other ways of increasing compatibility I'd be happy to hear them.

As an aside, when using the spell checker provided by blogger it doesn't recognise the words blog, blogger and bloggers - or Google.

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