Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the remarkable tale of the swedish gf wedding cupcake tower

Annie Dean's lovely fabric flower

A week to go before I catch my plane to Sweden.  Time to mill, mix and bag the flour I will need.  My niece's future mother-in-law has messaged me on Facebook to say she will buy ingredients I need, so that is a relief.  I have no idea where shops will be in relation to the flat I have rented, and I won't have a car.

A sudden change of plans, and now my mother is travelling with me.  Her mobility hasn't been that good over the last few years, so I am pleased she feels able to come on this trip.  It will be good for her to be able to attend her grand-daughter's wedding, especially since my niece has spent much of her life living in Mongolia and Thailand so we haven't seen much of her.

I ordered urid lentils, no husks but otherwise whole, and ground these.  My lovely little Swiss flour mill gets warm after about a kilo of grinding so I like to take things slowly.  Tapioca - a last minute bit of internet shopping as I realised I hadn't enough in my store cupboard; I am so pleased that internet shopping is so swift and reliable. Fine cornmeal.  Mixed in these proportions 40% urid, 40% tapioca and 20% cornmeal.  This makes a very reliable and versatile flour.

urid, tapioca and cornmeal
I bagged the flour in the small heat-sealable cellophane bags I used to use when I ran a small bakery business.  Double sealed and then stored inside another food bag, I am hoping I get to the other end without all the flour spread around the suitcase.

Into the suitcase has gone a long list of things.  Iv'e got a list on my magic whiteboard paper on the wall where I can mark off when things are packed, posted or arrived. I have no idea what will be available, and for proper gf cooking one should really use baking tins, wooden spoons etc that have not been used with wheat flour. I used to have a separate oven when I still baked sourdough wheat bread for my husband, and labelled oven gloves, spoons, bowls etc.

The six tier cupcake stand is a bit awkward to pack.  I have taken it out of the box I store it in as that won't fit in the suitcase.  I hope it doesn't crack on the way, but I have packed around it with bubble wrap.  The flour bags are in the crevices and hopefully this combination will give a stable packing structure that means everything will arrive safely, I have also packed a variety of silver, white and purple cake decorations, a small icing rolling pin, cupcake trays, shiny purple foil cupcake cases, aprons, gloves, a baking hat (who wants hair in their cake), a measuring is certainly a lot easier to bake at home.

The suitcase is almost too heavy for me to lift, not helped by my having a mildly sprained wrist to go with my still not recovered severe ankle sprain from last month.

Got my kroner from the Co-op travel agency yesterday and my banking card wouldn't work, tried it in the ATM at the bank and it wouldn't cashier says not to worry.  Twice in France our bank cards refused to operate, we presumed because all the lines between France and the UK would busy.  I don't want to get stuck on this trip with a cake to make, a mother to look after, and planes, buses, taxis to catch.

At least with my mother coming too I can use some of her luggage space.  I have weight spare but economy seats only allow one piece of checked baggage.  So far the case is full and I haven't packed any clothes or toiletries, my laptop, my camera...all the usual things one would want to take to a wedding and a trip abroad. I've given up on the hat, and a friend of mine has made a purple silk flower for me to wear so I can look a bit festive and match the cupcakes.  It packs very small.

I was surprised to find that no-one makes collapsible posh hats.  People used to wear collapsible top hats so that they could fit in their luggage. I fancied a spiral in black sinemay (not sure how to spell that - the fine mesh usually used for hats) that would press down to a flat disc and then bounce up into an energetic spiral when you released it from its box.  It doesn't really matter what I wear anyways, but as a hat lover I normally grab opportunities to wear large hats when I can.

Just to add to the fun it continues to pour with rain and my wonderful new induction hob has stopped working.  The engineer that came this morning says it has been installed incorrectly (wrong cable, wrong air gaps) so he can't fix it.  Given that our balcony door stopped locking months ago and the chap coming to fix it is only arriving tomorrow, and the network cables haven't worked since they were installed and on Friday we are paying a seperate contractor to look at them as the house builder hasn't resolved the issue for six months...who knows how long I will be without a stove.


  1. I can't wait for the next installment.

    1. thanks sleepinghorse - feeling calmer now I know the future mother-in-law if sorting out the shopping, and I had a lovely note from a coeliac in Sweden about places to eat safely and what to look for in supermarkets.


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