Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The first Swedish gf chocolate cake - testing the oven

I've scrubbed the oven, after figuring out how to release the child lock, and found all the ingredients and utensils I brought.  Mixed a single egg's worth of the cake mix and cooked it in the small round cake tin that will be used to make the cutting cake.

I had set the oven to 175 C and kept being puzzled by the way it didn't feel very warm when I opened the door.  Didn't think to bring an oven thermometer. Half way through cooking the cake I realised that I have used a fan oven for more than two decades and so I am used to the gust of warm air that is released everytime I open the door.

25 minutes set on my phone, as there doesn't appear to be a timer.  Not having the fan seems to mean the smell of the cake isn't as obvious.  I would normally expect to be able to tell how cooked the cake is from the smell even without opening the oven.

While this was cooking I got on with washing up (can't find the detergent for the dish washer) and continuing my hunt for the cooling racks.  There must be some as there are lots of baking tins.  Shall I disturb the owner on her holiday?  Seems a bit minor.  I turnout this little cake on a daisy shaped trivet, not ideal, but will do for this cake.

Next problem will be testing it.  I washed the mixing bowls and used my own sieve, spoons and measuring jug.  However, all the mixing bowls are plastic, so washing them won't necessarily remove all the gluten.  Normally someone going gluten free would be advised to change all wooden spoons and plastic tubs, chopping boards and all other things with these type of surfaces. I might just cut the cake to see how it looks, and rely on others to say if it tastes ok - though no one else is as fierce a critic as I am.

I've used a large number of tea towels and scrubbing cloths since I arrived four or five hours ago.  I washed them and hung them on the line outside.  Unfortunately most of the clothes pegs fall apart when I try to use them....I wonder if there is a shop within walking distance that sells cooling racks, metal or glass mixing bowls, dishwasher detergent and clothes pegs - oh, and hand cream, even with rubber gloves on my hands are already showing signs of all the manual labour.  Next job, learn what the Swedish words to avoid on ingredients lists are!

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  1. Looks absolutely delicious! I would so love to try some.


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