Monday, 10 December 2012

Mozzarella quickbread panini

I made an ultra-quick and easy bread with a bag of grated mozzarella, some flour and yogurt the other day.  I used some of this to make a toasted sandwich for my resident dairy-eater, who frequently orders panini when eating out.  The bread had been in the freezer, so a quick zap to defrost  before cutting.

I don't have a toaster and the grill in this new flat sets the smoke alarm off every time I use it, so this was made using the crepe pan/griddle we use every morning for pancakes, and the microwave to melt the cheese.

I cut the bread through the middle, toasted each side on the griddle, and spread the melted cheese and chorizo (20secs in the microwave) on the bread and toasted a little longer.

This makes a toasted sandwich that I'm told is better than some ordinary wheat panini bought in cafes.

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