Wednesday, 8 December 2010

ASDA gluten-free muesli review

After a lot of initial trials I settled on Eat Natural gluten free toasted muesli with vine fruit.   It has raisins 20%, sultanas 20% crisped rice (rice, sugar) (no % fig), sunflower seeds 17%, almond 10% pumpkin seed 7%, linseed 6%, honey 3%, sugar.  I could buy it in one of my local supermarkets, so just got it regularly and stopped thinking about the issue.  I always added extra rice cereal as there was actually too much of the fruit to suit me, even though I always eat it with apple sauce (no milk). 

So why a blog about ASDA muesli?  The store has stopped selling my Eat Natural muesli.  Unless I get around to ordering off the Internet I have to manage without.  So, I have been trying other products. 

I do admire ASDA for making an effort in it's gf range.  I bought the muesli.  After a few days I gave up using it.  This morning even Tolerant Taster said it tasted like sawdust.  The garden birds are about to get an addition to their food.  If you look at the ingredients it looks as if it ought to be OK, but they have managed to produce a dry pasty product, and even loaded with apple sauce, extra blueberries, yogurt....isn't really palatable.
ASDA Free From Muesli
Buckwheat Flakes , Rice Flakes , Raisins (18%) , Sultanas (18%) , Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (4.0%) , Sunflower Seeds (4.0%) , Chopped Roasted Hazelnuts (3.0%) , Golden Linseeds (3.0%) , Hazelnuts (3.0%) .

So, definitely a fail.  I do not recommend this product.

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