Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Gluten free muesli

You may have noticed that my favorite muesli (Eat Natural) is no longer available in my local shop.  Having looked at the ingredients for the blog where I reviewed the ASDA gf muesli I decided to make my own muesli.  Afterall, I used to make my own granola regularly until I gave up eating oats.

wholegrain puffed rice (Kallo)  225g
whole almonds, chopped  100g
sunflower seeds 60g
pumpkin seeds 60g
raisins 60g
apricots 100g  (used the sulphited ones for a bit of bright orange zing)
cranberries 75g
blueberries  75g
agave syrup 1 tbsp (a good squirt)

I mixed the seeds and nuts with the agave syrup and toasted them in a medium oven until they were just faintly tinted brown.  I mixed these while hot with the rice and fruit and left to cool before storing in an airtight container.
chop the nuts to a size you like in your muesli

dried fruit - chop to suit your taste

toast the nuts and seeds in the syrup

All measurements can be approximate - just grab handfuls of your favorite nuts, seeds and dried fruit and mix them into your puffed rice or  buckwheat or whatever you like the flavour and texture of.  Toasting the seeds and nuts with a little syrup makes them much more enticing for people who aren't too keen on a daily portion of the pumpkin and sunflower seeds which are so rich in good fats.

a bright and tasty muesli - and very easy

This muesli does not taste like sawdust.  Using whole toasted rice avoids that pasty sludge that muesli can turn into if you use flakes.


We may not have enjoyed the muesli but this fox seemed to like it!

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