Monday, 13 December 2010

SAFE CHIPS and gooey brownies ..gluten free. Blades Cafe in Northleach, glos.

Found a real treasure.  Blades Cafe, in Northleach (  The Old Prison, Fosseway, 01451 860715 daytimes not evenings) has great gluten free brownies that I wouldn't be ashamed of serving. They make their own from Doves Farm flour.  They are rich, intense and gooey.

The cafe has a large unfussy space with toys for the kids, a large carpark, and outdoor playspace.

When asked about meals they said they would be happy to adjust anything on the menu to suit if at all possible.  The chips are fries in a dedicated chip pan so no cross contamination.  Safe chips!

If you are nearby detour to this excellent place.....of course I don't yet know that I ate hear unscathed but all the other signs are good.(three hours later - still ok)

If you have a spare hour, some curiosity and some patience, visit the amazing little museum of mechanical music nearby,  Rachmaninoff plays the Steinway!

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