Monday, 27 December 2010

gluten free Honeybuns Amondi - taste a great deal better than they look!

Amondi - gluten and dairy-free version of Amaretti
We took advantage of the thaw to go to the hobby store at a garden centre to buy, of all things, dolls house lighting, which they didn't have in stock.  To assuage my disappointment and Tolerant Taster's boredom we went for a cup of coffee before returning home.  I wanted a black coffee with caramel syrup, but their flavoured syrups had gluten in.  We waited for the two or three minutes it took the waitress to find out.  We weren't offered the labels to read or an apology.

On top of the counter was a small display of Honeybuns gluten-free cookies - Amondi and a chocolate brownie.  I work on the principal that both the manufactures and the stores selling gf foods need to be encouraged so I bought one of the Amondi biscuits, even though it looked completely yukky, being a pasty looking blob. It hadn't fallen apart in the package, which is unusual for cookies in coffee shops.

I opened it expecting a bland flavour and a pasty texture.  I was completely wrong.  The flavour was sweet but also sprightly, with slivers of organic orange zest. It does say, in small pink writing on a pink background, that it won the coveted Gold Triple Star at the Great Taste Awards. The texture was smooth, slightly crisp on the outside and slightly chewy in the middle.

The label also says that the packaging is biodegradable and the card made from sustainable sources.  In the spirit of making maximum use of available resources they also suggest you keep the insert label as a bookmark, but I suspect this would make your books slightly greasy.

It is also dairy free.

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