Friday, 10 December 2010

Desperation Desert- raspberry and chocolate gluten-free profiteroles

I don't normally feel in need of a desert, but after a highly effective dash to late night shops and doing almost all my Christmas shopping in an hour I arrived home wanting a sweet treat.  A raid of the freezer found raspberries and choux buns, cream from the fridge and chocolate from the store cupboard.

Choux buns are very easy to make using gluten-free flour.  They are one of the few baked foods I make using a standard flour mix - in the case Doves Farm.   They freeze well.  I would usually crisp them up in a  hot oven, but this time they had about twenty seconds in the microwave.  A quick zap of the raspberries, and then melted the chocolate with the cream in the microwave.  From the start of the craving to the giant bowl of desert took about two minutes.

I'll make sure I write up the choux buns sometime, but do have a go with any standard recipe. They are very easy to make, just use a little less flour to butter.  I make these for mass catering at parties - the last time I made three hundred choux buns for a summer party, served in a giant plastic tub, with another large bowl of cream, one of chocolate, and a load of strawberries.  People were left to assemble their own bowlfuls of desert with whatever proportions they liked.  I was once startled at a party when someone had their chocolate sauce with the iceberg lettuce, but hey, why not?  Lettuce is a perfectly good carrier for flavours and chocolate sauce is not that different that salad dressing - sugar, fat, complex flavours...

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