Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Beef Burger on gluten-free bagel

I spent a couple of years in Camden, London, where there was a very good burger restaurant about half a minute's walk away from my flat.  I don't eat beef often - usually only when I feel I need extra iron, but when I did I liked a burger on ciabatta with lots of extras.

The other day I took one of my gluten-free bagels, made from urid lentil and tapioca flours, toasted it lightly, and layered it with a home-made organic beef burger, some of my own chilli jam, the last of my own home-grown onions caramelised in olive oil, and a handful of rocket.  Very delicious.

The hole in the bagel just made the burger easier to bite, and didn't seem to allow the contents to cascade all over my lap, as I thought it might.

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